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Photo by R. Liptak
Advance One Room School                     

   Located at 9521 New Carlisle Pike in New Carlisle, the Advance One Room School was originally built in 1878 and was one of over a hundred one-room schools in Clark County. Today, less than fifty are still standing, and more than half of those have been converted to homes.
   In 1999, spearheaded by Jim Rutherford, a committee of CCRTA members and business people became members of the One Room School Project Committee. Working together, they received funding from the Turner Foundation and began renovating the building and the property. They successfully brought it back to its late 19th century past.
   To maintain the Advance One Room School project requires continual funding. The Springfield Foundation, Turner Foundation,   Della Selsor Trust, Freedom Road Ministries, and CCRTA members and friends provide annual money, labor and support to ensure the accessibility of the school to the children and public.
   Open to elementary students in Clark County for all-day field trips, the One Room School is the centerpiece of CCRTA. Members, dressed as late 19th century teachers, provide an authentic sample of education in its day using historic school materials such as slate writing boards, spellers by Noah Webster and McGuffey Readers. A collection of donated furniture includes a pot-bellied stove and wooden desks. The yard also contains two operational out houses.
From donations and discoveries, the one room school
has enough authentic desks and materials
for many students to experience school in 1878.
Photo by R. Liptak

Purpose: To engage in educational activities and provide demonstrations of a school curriculum as it existed in the 19th century.
Goal: To provide students in Clark County an opportunity to relive a school day in 1878 set in the Advance One Room School House in New Carlisle.
Instructional Objective: To teach reading, language, mathematics, history and penmanship using texts and materials from the 1800s.
A teacher leads students around back of school,
giving building information and placement
of its time in education history.
Photo by R. Liptak
Ohio Standards and Benchmarks: Emphasis is placed on meeting multiple academic content standards for social studies, English/language arts, math and history.
Materials Available for Teachers and Students: Slates, slate pencils, texts including McGuffey Readers, recess toys of the 19th century and certificates of participation.
Additional Information: Students will relive a school day in 1878. They will dress in attire of the day and bring lunches with food of the time period. CCRTA One Room School teachers dress in attire of the day. Visiting teachers and students can plan on a regular, full school day spent at the One Room School.

Contact: Connie Bost, One Room School Committee Chair

Advance One Room Website:
   Click on this link and see more photos and read more info on the Advance One Room School.

One Room School News 

    The school needs female teachers, Marms, and male teachers, Masters. Classes run September-November and April-May. If you'd like to teach the old fashioned way, two or three times a week, contact Linda Clements, head school marm.
    If  you or a group is interested in a tour, contact Linda Clements, as well.
 We thank the Springfield Foundation, Della Selsor Trust for their generosity in  helping to fund the One Room School Project. 

Other assistance from Young Woman's Mission and Individual Donations.


News Clippings Featuring One Room School and CCRTA

Car Show  

   This event roars to life in late September across from Young's Jersey Dairy on Route 68 near Yellow Springs. Over 150 car entries register and park on the meadow grass. In addition to the display, the event includes display awards, dash plaques, raffles, a silent auction, merchandise sale and music. CCRTA members donate time and materials to ensure success. The money raised makes up the majority of CCRTA's financial support of the One Room School.
Contact: Dave Speas, Car Show Committee Chair

Cruise-In One Room School Car Show

Young's Jersey Dairy Meadow

2017 Car Show Photos
Over 260 Entries
by Chuck Young

MONEY RAISED: Over $3,000.
Over the Years:
2003: 38 Car Entries.
2017: 267 Car Entries. 

2017 Car Show Sponsors:
CCRTA Members
International Harvester Credit Union
Tropical Smoothie
Young's Jersey Dairy
Williams Hardware
Friends and Family of CCRTA
Jeff Wyler Auto Mall
Trophy Sports
Wittenberg University
Panera Bread Restaurant
Edward Jones/Becky Gorby
The Westcott House
The Pageturners Book Club
Harding Road Pharmacy

Engraved bricks provide charitable
permanence to the One Room
School project.
Photo by R. Liptak
Buy a Brick 
   Bricks are engraved and cost $75. Over 300 bricks have been sold so far and line the circle around the flag at the One Room School. 

In the circle drive, a growing apron
of commemorative bricks surround the flag pole.
Photo by R. Liptak
Contact: Nancy Zerkle, Committee Chair.
Use a right click to open Buy a Brick Form


  Pageturners' Book Club       

Page Turners celebrated Twenty Years as a book club in 2015.

   The Pageturners have been printing off its book lists since 1995. A presenter offers titles for consideration and the group votes. The winning book is given its month when the presenter becomes the discussion leader. Titles run the gamut from fiction to nonfiction to short story. The discussion table is always full and lively.

Meeting Time: First Tuesday of every month at 1:00 p.m. 
Meeting Place: Springfield Clark County Branch Library in the Park Shopping Plaza
Contact Person: Nancy Rix or Connie Bost


2020 Reading List

January 7: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.
February 4: When the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. 
March 3: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai. 
April 7: The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes.
May 5: What Was Mine by Helen Kline Ross.
June 2: The Postmistress by Sarah Blake.  
July 7: The Library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick.
August 4: TBA
September 1: TBA
October 6: TBA 
November 3: TBA
December 1: TBA  


                    Kroger's Reward Cards

Use your regular Kroger Plus card as you normally do. Kroger's will take 4% of your receipt and donate it to CCRTA and the One Room School.

The donation will have NO effect on your points earned for your gas rewards or any other reward program offered by Kroger's.

You will need an online account to help out CCRTA.

01. Please click on the Kroger link to get started:

02. Click "Savings & Rewards." 

03. Click "Kroger Community Awards."

04.  Click "View Details" under "I'm a Customer."

05. Input:
 Clark County Retired Teachers Association
GS 146

Thank you so much!