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CCRTA is a busy organization. Its first priority is serving its members. We like to celebrate our members' personal businesses and activities.

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Denny Seifried, front left, is a CCRTA member. His tuba quartet is for hire.

Denny Seifried and Western Ohio Tuba Quartet. Francis Law, Ted Shuttleworth, Michael Gallehue and Danny Seifried are members of the Ohio Valley British Band. They play euphoniums (tenor tubas) and brass tubas. Experienced performers and retired educators, they play a variety of styles, including classical, modern, marches and jazz, and holiday favorites. Contact email:

Anne E. Deam, Author of Last Dance of the Night.

I am happy to announce that my novel became available as an ebook in mid-November 2015 for download from Amazon.

Last Dance of the Night                                                

  Sometimes you have to look backward before you can move forward. What if the link between past and present has been shattered? How do you put the pieces together to make sense of your life?
  Kate is on a journey to find out about her family and herself. Her family has been ripped apart by her once loving mother. But why?
  After her mother's untimely and unexpected death, Kate becomes even more determined to unravel unresolved issues that have left her paralyzed and destroyed family relationships.
  Kate recreates her life reconnecting with family on an unpredictable and surprising journey. A journey she must make alone.

                                                                     ***   (Opening paragraph)
    There are some voices that you never forget, no matter how long it has been since you have heard them. It is as if they burrow themselves and lie dormant in some minutely remote crevice in the deepest and darkest part of your mind. Sometimes they come to life all on their own, without your awareness, through dreams. And then there are other times when a voice from long past resurfaces from out of nowhere and slips into the present, without permission, catching you off guard. Once in a while you want to remember a voice; but, try as hard as you might, no voice bursts through the maddening silence. Other times, you might not even remember that you know a particular voice until it collides with your consciousness. Voices can be as haunting or disturbing as any melody for all the feelings and emotions layered deep inside them. Voices are like that. They have a life of their own, and their effect is beyond all control.


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