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Thank you, 
Carl and Jerry.

For Four Years, 
They Collected Books, 
Organized Books and Sold Books 
to Benefit 
the CCRTA Scholarship Fund.

Scholarship Co-Chairs, Carl Ahlm and Jerry Laub organized thousands of books!

Green Envelope Campaign
To Help Future Teachers

   Remembering our journeys from post secondary education to our own classrooms is goal #1 of the Scholarship Committee.
   Goal #2 is the hope that the memory will encourage every CCRTA member to contribute money to the scholarship fund.
   Building up the fund will increase dollar amounts and possibly the number of scholarships given out to college or university students who are majoring in education and who had graduated from a public high school in Clark County.
   With the cost of education being so expensive it puts many post secondary graduates in debt, the opportunity to help defray the cost grows in importance.
   The green envelope "Remember Who Helped You" reminds us of those sources and people who helped fund our education as we studied to become educators. We ask that you return the favor and put your dollar or check donations in the envelope and give to either chair of the Scholarship Committee.
   Thank you to all who continue to contribute to this vital purpose.
   The bright green envelopes will be available at meetings.

Buy a Memorial Brick
Price $75

Honoring Educators and Advance One Room School

   Over 300 bricks circle the apron around the flag pole at the Advance One Room School on New Carlise Pike.
   Buying a brick is an excellent opportunity to permanently honor someone or a group. The majority of the money went to the cost of the brick and engraving.
   The price is $75. Please contact Nancy Zerkle.

Site of memorial bricks around
Advance School's flag

2016 Cruise-In
Across from Young's Jersey
Thank You,
Volunteers and Donators!

Kroger Cards: Help the One Room School With Your Grocery Purchases

   Register your present Kroger Plus Card or Kroger Credit Card online! Use your card as you normally do. Nothing will affect your gathering of points toward gas and other Kroger discounts.

   CCRTA receives 4% of your purchases. The One Room School benefits from this effort.

 It's all done online. Do the following once and never have to do it again. Here are the steps:

1. Needed: your Kroger Plus card or your Kroger credit card number. 
2. Go to:
3. Click: Already a Customer?
4. See: New to  Click: Create an Account. Sign Up Today.
5. Kroger's Step 1--Log In:
     (a) Enter: an email address. Confirm email address.
     (b) Enter a password. Confirm it. (Write it down.)
     (c) Click: continue.
6. Kroger's Step 2--Shopper's Information
     (a) Zip code.
     (b) Find stores--your nearest Kroger store will pop up.
     (c) Click: save and continue.
     (d) New screen: Enter this info:
            i. Kroger plus card number (or look for credit card #)
           ii. Zip code.
          iii. Click: save and continue.
7. Kroger's Step 3--E-mail Communication--Receive Special Offers
     (a) Click one to three options: coupons, newsletters, circulars.
     (b) Click: save and continue.
8. Kroger's Step 4--Confirm Your Info
     (a) A read out of what you've done: your email, plus card or credit card #, email offers.
     (b) Click: box saying Agree to terms and conditions.
     (c) Click: complete registration.
9. Kroger's Step 5--Activate Your Account--Check Your Email
     (a) You are done here. Close out of Kroger'

10. Go to your personal email. Look for and open up an email from Kroger.
11. In the Kroger email, Click on the blue that says, "Please confirm your email address and selected preferences by clicking the following link____."
12. You are back into Kroger'
13. See a list of items like email, address, password. Go to last item "Community Rewards."
14. Click: Community Rewards.
15. New screen: Click in blue: edit community rewards program info.
16. Answer: name, address, zip, phone, cell phone, (one phone # okay). Click: save changes.
17. New screen: 1. Find your organization.
      (a) Enter: CCRTA number 82551.
      (b) Click: Search.
14. Name and a circle by Clark County Retired Teachers Association and its address pops up.
     (a) Click in the little circle in front of our name.
     (b) Click: Save Changes.
15. You are done! Thank you! Click out.

Don't have your Kroger number because you always use your phone number? Call 800-576-4377, select option 4, and get your card's number.