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CCRTA History

Advance One Room School, New Carlisle, Ohio
Photo by R. Liptak
   On October 17, 1949, twenty-four retired teachers met in the Ohio Fuel Gas Company for the purpose of organizing an association for the mutual benefit of teachers who had entered retirement. Miss Eliza McBeth arranged the meeting.
   The following week at the second meeting, the name Clark County Chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association was used.
   The first officers included: W.C. Ryan, president; Mary Thrasher, vice-president; Dora Kreis, recording secretary; M.L. Lavy, treasurer; Ruth Ferris and Eva Klinck, trustees.
   The first general membership meeting convened in March 1950. Annual dues were fifty cents. Meetings were held in members' homes, city schools, the Historical Society in the Memorial Hall, the Shawnee Hotel and the gas company.
   From the beginning, the organization dealt with issues such as pensions, insurance and legislature that concerned retirees.



  • To promote the economic and professional welfare of its members.
  • To support legislation intended to contribute to their well-being.
  • To foster good fellowship among the retired teachers of Clark County.
  • To encourage and recognize individual member's service to the community.
  • To cooperate with the National and Ohio Retired Teachers Association.
  • To mentor, administrate and support the Advance One Room School and the Clark County Retired Teachers Scholarship Fund.

Diversity Statement

 The mission of the Clark County Retired Teachers Association (CCRTA) is to promote the fellowship, legislative and personal welfare of our members and recognize their service to the community through the support of the Advance One Room School and the CCRTA Scholarship Fund. In keeping with the belief that diversity and inclusion are necessary to achieve equity in our organization, membership in CCRTA is open to any Clark County retired teacher regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, age, language, physical ability or religious belief. Participants in our One Room School program and recipients of our scholarships are as diverse and inclusive as possible.


Next Membership Meeting: 

December 2021. Date to be Announced.

The CCRTA Board met in August 2021 when they decided to postpone a physical get-together usually set for September due to the variant of the COVID-19 virus affecting the public. 
It is a hope that the first meeting and luncheon will be set for December 2021. 
Time and place have yet to be determined. The Board is looking into different venues.


The February 2020 meeting was cancelled due to weather, and all sequential meetings in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to COVID19 and its variants.

If you paid for the February 2020 luncheon, the Board will contact you before the next physical CCRTA membership meeting.
Luncheon RSVP Forms

If we offer prepaid luncheons again, we will use the following link.

Right click or click to open  Luncheon RSVP Form.

18th Annual 

2021 Car Show

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Young's Jersey Dairy Meadow


Photo by Todd Rix


Congratulations, Future Teachers!

2021 Recipients of CCRTA Scholarships

These students are currently in college completing their final year or two before finding their classroom of choice when they graduate. See "Out Reach" page for more info.

Envelopes for Memorial Donations

     If an educator becomes deceased, CCRTA has donation envelopes that can be placed by the sign-in register at the funeral home.
   Those vistors wishing to make a donation to the One Room School or the Scholarship Fund in memory of the deceased can then give or send the envelope to our CCRTA treasurer, Nancy Rix. See Nancy to obtain these envelopes.
   Thank you.

One Room School Has Its Own Web Site

   To better publicize and inform anyone about CCRTA's Advance One Room School, a web site was built. It is full of photos, history, and educational and human interest details.
   From teachers interested in field trips to the general public, the web site helps share the significance of this very special CCRTA project.