Constitution, Bylaws, Operating Policies


Article I.     Name
Sec. 1.   The name of this organization shall be “The Clark County Chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association.”

Article II.   Purpose
Sec. 1.   The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the economic and professional welfare of its members, to support legislation intended to contribute to their well-being, to foster good fellowship among the retired teachers of Clark County, to encourage and recognize individual member’s service to the community, to cooperate with the National and Ohio Retired Teachers Association, and to mentor, administrate, and support the Advance One Room School and the Clark County Retired Teachers Scholarship Fund.

Article III.   Affiliation
Sec. 1.   This association shall be an affiliated local chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association.
Sec. 2.   This association shall be an affiliated local association of the National Retired Teachers Association.

Article IV.   Membership
Sec. 1.   Membership in this Association shall be open to all retired public school and university teachers and public school administrators of Clark County.
Sec. 2.   Retired public school teachers and administrators from other localities who have become residents of Clark County shall also be eligible for membership.
Sec. 3.   All eligible persons shall be admitted to membership upon 
application and payment of dues for the current year.
Sec. 4.   Any person in Ohio favorably interested in education and the problems of retirees may become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER, without the right to vote or to hold office. Chapter associate members need not be ORTA members; however, dual membership is encouraged.

Article V.   Officers and their duties
Sec. 1.   The officers of this Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and two Trustees.
Sec. 2.   They shall be elected for a term of two years as provided for in Article VI on Elections.
Sec. 3.   The above officers, the immediate past president, and the state Trustee shall constitute the Executive Board.
Sec. 4.   The duties of the officers and trustees shall be such as usually pertain to their respective offices.

Article VI.   Elections
Sec. 1.   Elections of officers and trustees shall be held at the Annual Meeting in odd years.
Sec. 2.   All officers shall be elected at one time to serve for a period of two years, beginning in January of the even year.
Sec. 3.   The President, with approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint a nominating committee of three members of the Association who are not members of the Executive Board at least one month before the Annual Meeting at which elections are to be held. This Committee shall submit, at the Annual Meeting, a list of candidates for office and trusteeship to be elected in that year.
Sec. 4.   Other nominations may be made from the floor.
Sec. 5.   Vacancies occurring in the Executive Board, other than the President, shall be filled for the unexpired term by action of the remaining members of the Executive Board. The Vice-President shall succeed the President in case of vacancy in that office.

Article VII.   Meetings
Sec. 1.   The Executive Board shall determine the number of general membership meetings, their dates, times and locations; except, that one general meeting shall be scheduled in the fall and be designated as the Annual Meeting.
Sec. 2.   The Executive Board shall announce the dates, times, and locations of the general meetings to the members in a timely fashion.
Sec. 3.   Other special meetings may be called by the President, the Executive Board, or by ten members of the Association.
Sec. 4.   The Executive Board shall meet at least one month before each scheduled general membership meeting.

Article VIII.   Amendments
Sec. 1.   The constitution and by-laws of this association may be amended by the Executive Board and approved, at the next general meeting, by vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present.

Article IX.   Rules of Order
Sec. 1.   This Association shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order—latest revision.

Article X.   Dissolution and Disposition
Sec. 1.   If at anytime and for any reason, i.e…
A. destruction by fire, tornado, vandalism, or any other act; or
B. should the Clark County Retired Teachers or the Advance One Room School disband or become insolvent, the president, along with the Executive Board, shall make a study as to the options for either the restoration of the school and/or the continuation of the organization in case of:
(1) the above, or the disposition of the organization in case of
(2) the above, the disbandment or insolvency
(3) then the assets, after payment of all liabilities shall be distributed in accordance with the law.
Sec. 2.   The options as to the dissolution and disposition of the assets of the Clark County Retired Teachers and/or Advance One Room School shall be presented to the general membership and the final decision shall be made by a two-thirds (2/3) of the written vote of the dues paying members present and voting at a special meeting called for that purpose.


Article I. Dues

 Sec. 1.  The dues of this Association shall be $20 for the fiscal year beginning Jan. 1, payable at the time of the Annual Meeting in the fall.
Sec. 2.   Both active and associate members of this Association may purchase a Life Membership for $100 effective as of the fiscal year beginning Jan. 1, 2005. As directed by the Executive Board, a portion of this Life Membership will be invested to keep up with inflation and cost of living.
Sec. 3.   State and National dues are set by those organizations and are payable at the time of the Annual Meeting.

Article II. Committees
Sec. 1.   The President shall appoint such committees as time and circumstance shall require.
(Most recent Amended action: 4/30/09)

Diversity Statement

The mission of the Clark County Retired Teachers Association is to promote the fellowship, legislative and personal welfare of our members and recognize their service to the community through the support of the Advance One Room School and the CCRTA Scholarship Fund. 

In keeping with the belief that diversity and inclusion are necessary to achieve equity in our organization, membership in CCRTA is open to any retired teacher regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, age, language, physical ability or religious belief. 

Participants in our One Room School program and recipients of our scholarships are as diverse and inclusive as possible.

                                              (Most recently added: 8/5/2021)

Operating Policies

I. The CCRTA/ORTA membership list is not to be released to any person or organization other than that which is necessary for internal use and, if necessary, to the state offices of ORTA and STRS without prior approval of the Executive Board.

II. It is the policy of the Clark County Retired Teachers Association to consider for endorsement only those levies which:
(A) are directed towards meeting health, human services, or educational needs, and
(B) are county-wide in scope.
     A group seeking passage of a levy should submit, in writing, to the Clark County Chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association a request for endorsement. The request must be sent to the President of CCRTA at least three weeks prior to a regular meeting.
     If the request meets the criteria above, the President shall call a special meeting of the Executive Board to consider the request. The decision of the Executive Board members present at the meeting shall be final.

III. All checks written on the Clark County Retired Teachers Association account must be signed by the current Treasurer or the current Assistant Treasurer.

IV. The calendar year is the fiscal year of the Association.

V. Membership
     A. Current members:
         (1). The collection of dues from current members for the coming year begins in September and are due by January 1.
         (2). Current members who have not paid dues by July 1 will be dropped from membership.
     B. New members:
         (1). Dues from new members will be accepted through June 30 and credited to the current year.
         (2). Dues paid after that time will be credited to the next fiscal year.
     C. New retirants who are members of ORTA and have not joined CCRTA will be offered one current year complimentary membership in CCRTA.
     D. Honored members: 
          Any active, former, or associate member who is 85 or older is entitled to an honored membership in CCRTA and is exempt from further CCRTA dues. However, the Honored Member would still pay ORTA dues.
(Most recent Amended action: 3/14/96)