Membership Information: Dues Types, Fees, Deadlines, Meetings, Newsletter

Membership Types
Active:  All retired school and university teachers and school administrators of Clark County and those who have come from other localities and have become residents of Clark County.
Associate: Any resident of Ohio favorably interested in education and the problems of retirees; associate members do not have the right to vote or hold office.
Lifetime: Any member who pays the CCRTA lifetime dues fee.
Honored: Any active, associate or former CCRTA member who is eighty-five (85) years or older.

Membership Numbers  (2018)
Active: 367
Lifetime: 240
Honored (age 85+): 50
Dual, both CCRTA and ORTA members: 264

CCRTA Dues Fees
Active: $20
Associate: $20
Lifetime: $250 
Honored (age 85+): Exempt
Dual CCRTA and ORTA (Ohio Retired Teachers Assoc.): $50

CCRTA Dues Deadline
Current Members: Dues collection begins in September and ends on January 1.
New Members: Dues are accepted through June 30 and credited to the current year.
CCRTA's fiscal year begins January 1.
Contact: Membership Committee Chair.

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General Membership 
Luncheon Dates for 2022
Bogeys at Rocky Lakes in April 2022
Shawnee Picnic Pavilion in June 2022

Dates Unconfirmed Due to Concerns Regarding COVID19 and its Variants.

Need a Ride?
Call any executive Board officer and he or she will try to find someone close to you to help with transportation.

Suggestions for Programs, Speakers, Entertainment?
Contact: Lori Young

Membership Newsletter: Clark County Courier

Editors: Nancy Rix
Newsletter Article Submissions
   Must be written.
   Can be hand-delivered, emailed, post mailed

Mailing Dates: Help Get the Newsletter to the Post!
Meet at First Lutheran Church at 9 a.m.
Contact Nancy Rix.  

Dates to be announced.