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CCRTA Scholarship
  Two to four CCRTA scholarships worth at least $1000 are given every year to a current college sophomore or junior who is a resident of Clark County and has graduated from a Springfield City or Clark County Public School System. The number of scholarships awarded vary according to funding.
   CCRTA members donate toward scholarships. Outside education-oriented organizations also provide funding.

Application Process: The application process begins January 15 and ends no later than March 20. The applicant must be an education major and have earned a minimum 2.5 grade point average, including the most recent past term. The recipient is notified in early May.
For a Downloadable Form, Right Click on: Application Form.
Complete and mail downloaded application to:
      Mr. Carl E. Ahlm, Scholarship Co-Chairperson
      6323 Floyd Drive
      Springfield, Ohio 45502
For Written Application Request: Send a written request for an application and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
       Mr. Carl E. Ahlm, Scholarship Co-Chairperson
       6323 Floyd Drive
       Springfield, Ohio 45502  
Mail completed application to Mr. Carl Ahlm.

Individual, One-Time Scholarships
   The CCRTA Scholarship Committee also assists CCRTA members who want to offer individual scholarships but do not wish to be involved in the process.
   The Committee takes cares of the entire scholarship process for the donor, including providing an application, reading the results, selecting the recipient and naming the scholarship in honor or memory of the person of the donor's choice.

Contact: Mr. Carl Ahlm, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair

2019 Scholarship Recipients

   Five local college students have been awarded $1000 scholarships from the CCRTA. Recipients were chosen based on recommendations, grade point average and a short essay.

Scholarship recipients for 2019 include Shelby Lewis, Riley Nolan,
Kenzie Tyson, Samantha Miesse and Helen Augustus.

CCRTA Memorial Scholarship for $1000, funded by donations in honor of Jeanne Braun, Perry Holderby, Ann Martin and Ann Vosskueler: Shelby Lewis, junior at Heidelberg University, studying Early Childhood Education, a 2017 graduate of Northwestern High School.

Heartland Federal Credit Union/CCRTA Scholarship for $1000: Riley Nolan, junior at Wright State University, preparing to become an Intervention Specialist, a 2017 graduate of Northeastern High School.

 Wallace and Edna Smith Scholarship for $1000, funded by their daughter, Dawn Miller: Kenzie Tyson, senior at Wright State University, studying Early Childhood Education, a 2016 graduate of Kenton Ridge High School.

CCRTA Scholarship for $1000: Samantha Miesse, senior at Bowling Green State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education, a 2016 graduate of Kenton Ridge High School. 

CCRTA Scholarship for $1000: Helen Augustus, junior at Johnson University, majoring in Elementary Education, K-5 and Teaching English as a Second Language, a 2017 graduate of Northeastern High School.

Active Teachers Retirement Planning

  Typically held every other spring, this activity is directed toward active educators, particularly those within ten years of retirement, in each public school district in Clark County.
   A professional representative from the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) facilitates the ninety-minute session that covers retirement basics, health care issues and funding. STRS also provides workbooks and worksheets.
   Location is the Heritage Center in downtown Springfield.

Contact: CCRTA Board. 

Advance One Room School              

Photo by R. Liptak
   This project is the hallmark of the CCRTA. The one room school house provides students within the Clark County school districts an opportunity to experience a typical school day in 1897.  Materials and activities follow Ohio Benchmark Standards while also reflecting the time period. 
   All work involving building renovation, land renewal, including providing all the period furniture, school materials, and teachers in 19th century costume as well as field trip scheduling is done through volunteers from CCRTA.
   Link to Membership Activities for more information.
Contact: Connie Bost, One Room School Committee Chair.
   Link to http://www.AdvanceOneRoomSchool.blogspot.com/ for more information, history and photos of the Advance School.

Salvation Army

   Helen Brumfield has been an active volunteer for the Salvation Army for over 50 years.

   During the CCRTA general membership meeting in December, Helen passed around the Salvation Army's trademark red kettle.  

   CCRTA's donations to this vital organization helped ensure the welfare of the community's needy adults and children.
*In 2018, Helen announced her retirement as a volunteer and passed the kettle for the last time. That day, she raised over $1000 from the always generous members of the Salvation Army. 

In honor of Helen, the kettle was passed around at the December 2019 luncheon. We raised:

$1328 for Salvation Army

Volunteer Hours
The Ohio Retired Teachers Association collects volunteer hours from local chapters for its state records. CCRTA members keep track of individual hours and projects on a monthly basis and turn in a yearly total by December 31.
Include travel time in your volunteer calculation.

2019 Goal: 20,000 Volunteer Hours
Hours Reached: 19, 947.

Contact: Joyce Studebaker.

Right Click to open Volunteer Hours Form

Little Birdhouse Libraries

   The two chairs of the Scholarship Committee supply over twelve birdhouse libraries scattered throughout Clark County. They collect books for elementary to young adult readers from CCRTA members and friends and distribute them to the little library boxes throughout the year.
   In 2017, over 600 books had been distributed.
   Each book includes a sticker which reads it has been donated by the Clark County Retired Teachers Association.
Contact: Carl Ahlm.

Carl Ahlm, co-chair of the Scholarship Committee.